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plutitoare de plante solare

plutitoare de plante solare-floating solar plants-worldwide

Projekt up to 15KWp

There are lots of opportunities on inland water bodies in Europe and many other countries. Quarrie lakes, dams, irrigation reservoirs, water-treatment sites or lands liable to flooding: possibilities for the installation of floating PV power plants are infinite! And most of the time, they are close to a grid connection point.

Therefore, we launched floating technology, as a reliable and cost-effective technology so that floating solar systems can represent a serious alternative to ground-mounted solar systems. Design to resist a wide variety of natural conditions and to produce cost-effective solar electricity, the realisation of large scale floating solar systems and thereby contribute to a better energy balance.

At Ostrasolar,our mission is to help everyone to capture and use this precious energy. It is also our passion!

We work worldwide, we deliver worldwide, we look forward to your projects.

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